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Chairman Aims

Welcome to Celtic FC. The club was formed back in 1995 and has since grown into a family orientated establishment that has produced a number of very good players, who have since progressed onto bigger and better things. The club has recently entered a new era with new faces taking the reins. I am delighted to announce that 2015 marked the 20th anniversary of Celtic FC which is a fantastic achievement and one that we are very proud of.

My main aim is to make sure that the club continues to grow year in and year out, producing good calibre football players as well as coaches and managers. One important aspect of running a successful and family orientated club is good sportsmanship and conduct, which is something that we try to promote down to all the age groups.

This can only be achieved by having the full support of the executive officers of the club along with a great team of existing managers, coaches and of course parent reps.

My goal at the beginning of each and every season is to make sure that we can establish at least one new Under 7's team to represent the club in the Harrow football league. This will allow the club to progress for the coming years and will become a firm foundation for the future members of the executive committee.

In addition to that I am also trying to establish a Celtic mens team that will allow our older boys and managers to continue with the club rather than dispersing and moving onto other teams.

Finally I would like to thank the players, parents, coaches, managers and committee members for their full support and hard work that makes Celtic FC a successfully run club.

Good Luck to all our teams for the coming season.

Executive Committee

Celtic FC is managed on a professional but completely voluntary basis.



Vice Chairman



Fixtures Secretary

Social Secretary

Club Welfare Officers


Albert Tamou

Patrick McDonagh

Frank Dennis

Patrick McDonagh

Gary Gallagher

Gary Gallagher

Denis Nugent

Patrick McDonagh


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Club Code of Conduct

Celtic Football Club expects all players, parents and other supporters to protect and enhance its good name.

Celtic Football Club considers it essential that full support is given to all social and fundraising events.

Matches and Training

If the game is brought into disrepute by the action(s) of players and/or spectators, the Football Association has the power to fine and/or suspend the Club and ALL TEAMS from playing football.

  1. Managers, referees and players are to ensure that games are started on time.

  2. Players who are unable to play in a match for any reason are to inform their manager within a reasonable time so that plans may be reorganised.

  3. Spectators should not attend the half-time briefing of players. This should be left to the manager and/or coach.

  4. Players are to look respectable on the field of play (ie shirts tucked in and socks pulled up).

  5. No jewellery is to be worn on the field of play

  6. Only the manager and/or coach are to attend injured players on the field of play.

  7. Players and parents are to respect the decisions of the manager and/or coach.

  8. Players and spectators are expected to behave in a good sportsmanlike manner and accept all decisions made by match officials.

  9. No spectator (parent or supporter) may go on to the field of play while a game is in progress.

  10. Bad language by players, parents or spectators will not be tolerated at any time. A match ban and fine could be imposed on the offender(s) by the Committee.

  11. Spectators should only encourage players and not shout instructions on how to play football.

  12. The Club will not be held liable for any fines imposed on parents by the League.

  13. Any complaints about officials will be made by the team manager via the Club Secretary to the League.

  14. In the event of a player being booked or sent off, any further action to be taken by the Club, in addition to the action taken by the League, will be decided by the Executive Committee.

  15. All players are expected to turn up for training and to arrive on time. Players who are unable to train for any reason are to inform their manager within a reasonable time so that plans may be reorganised.

  16. Players are responsible for the Clubs football kit while it is in their care.

  17. Players, or their parents or guardians, who no longer wish to be part of the Club or play for the Club are to inform the secretary as soon as possible in writing.

  18. If parents or guardians have any grievances about the Club or any football related matter, they should bring these to the attention of the Chairman or any member of the Committee so that the matter may be dealt with in the proper manner.

  19. Any parents who wish to transport players in any type of vehicle must ensure they have insurance cover for all their passengers. No child should be transported in an unseated vehicle of any kind.

Should there be a serious breach of the Code of Conduct the Committee reserves the right to expel from membership any member without redress.

Football Leadership Diversity Code

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